We focus on building strong relationships with our partners to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Where we are, we code.

Headquartered in Hamilton, Orchestrated specializes in developing our clients’ software and unique digital experiences. We pride ourselves on working with customers who align with our goals and philosophies and understand and appreciate the partnership we provide. Our creativity and passion inspire us to create new ways to engage users with new digital experiences.

Process and creativity.

At Orchestrated, we believe that our culture and community play a key role in our success. We know that creativity and innovation come from a culture that promotes best practices and learning from experimentation and failed outcomes. Together, through experimentation and the pursuit of continuous improvement, we can create innovative and beautiful experiences for our clients. We do this by choosing responsibly sourced and sustainable options first.

Some of our clients

We are the sum of our parts, working together to create harmony in our process.

Dedicated to the work we do.

We are dedicated to digital and love the work that we do. The digital experience is constantly evolving, whether through innovations in code or changes in the user interface. For this reason, we approach each commission by designing and developing for your immediate needs while also composing for whatever comes next.

Orchestrated has a small and diverse team that maximizes each of their unique talents to benefit every project and outcome.

Design inspired by behaviour.

At Orchestrated, we know that experience informs human behaviour. That’s why we take the time to understand human interaction as it applies to and affects your project. Navigation and flow, choice and compromise are just some of the elements and principles we consider when building an intuitive and harmonious user experience.

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